Saturday 13 January 2018

How to have children and to name them meaningfully .........?

     (I had a feeling that I am missing my English writing skills, as I have been confined to write in Sinhala during the last couple of years. So, I thought of writing this post in English, just to try out whether I have missed or forgotten some skills that have been accumulating during the past few decades.)
This is a story which can be considered as a joke if someone prefers.

Somewhere in the world,  lived a married couple, Julius and Juliette. They were newly married and thinking in the same lines as any other newly married people, who wanted to plan their future. The most important item in their agenda was the children. How many, how often and whether they are boys or girls, were their concerns.

As they were planning their future, Juliette got pregnant. They called it a surprise, as usual. Any woman in her first pregnancy will utter the same words! Now they had to shift, change or delete certain items in their agenda. After a lengthy discussion they agreed to name their first born, if a boy, as Peter and if the child is a girl, as Charlotte.

Time passed smoothly.

They wanted to meet a doctor for advice. The doctor examined Juliette and was very happy to declare that they will get a boy.

The child was born and the happy couple named him as Peter.

They changed certain items of their agenda and included a new item as follows:
‘Our number-two, should be a girl and we will name the child as Kate.’

Time passed. In two more years Juliette is pregnant again. They were happy and told the son Peter “You will be getting a sister very soon”

The boy was puzzled “From where?  He asked them.

The mother told the young boy all fancy, fairy tales about how babies are coming to the  world. The boy was listening carefully and asked the mother in a surprised tone.

“How mum your tummy is big. Why is that ?”

She stopped ‘baby talk’ with that question

They met the doctor again and were surprised to hear that the new comer would be a boy.

 “That’s fate” they thought.

They  unanimously decided to name the boy as Repeater

“This name is quite appropriate, because that is what has happened.”

By saying that they tried to hide their sadness of not fulfilling their expectation..  

Now they have two boys ‘Peter’ and ‘Repeater’

After a few years Juliette is pregnant again. She is still dreaming of getting a daughter. 

This time when they went to see the doctor, he raised his eye brows and declared

“It is wonderful you are getting twins, but I am unable to predict whether they are boys or girls.”

The couple had mixed feelings

Juliette said “Hope they are a boy and a girl. It’ll be two-in-one”

The husband smiled and kept his fingers crossed.

At the end of the pregnancy period, Juliette delivered two baby girls. Anyway, her dreams were not fulfilled. She expected a boy and a girl.

The husband and wife had arguments  that lasted for several days, and still they could not come to a conclusion.

Suddenly Juliette said,

 “OK, I will name one baby girl as Kate” 

For this Julius’s response was immediate.

If so, ..... I will name the other baby as.... Duplicate!

The naming decisions were final.

Now they have four children Peter, Repeater, Kate and Duplicate
The twin girls were lovely and the boys were very fond of them.

The couple was more or less satisfied with four children and Julius proposed about family planning. Juliette did not respond positively for this idea.

As time passed, somehow or other, Juliette got pregnant again. This time also the babies were predicted as twins. They were to be boys. The doctor confirmed his prediction this time, using his currently  acquired bio-medical technology.

This time when the boys  were born, there were  no discussions or agreements, between the two parents  and Julius without consulting his wife, named the boys as Max and Climax.

The naming was quite meaningful and it has paved way for the wife to think twice!

Now, they have six children, born at four occasions. This includes two, ‘two-in-one’s too !

They are a happy family of eight - consisting of the two parents, Julius and Juliette, with the six children Peter, Repeater, Kate, Duplicate, Max and Climax.

The naming of children has been very appropriate and quite meaningful.
Finally, they decided Six is enough.... No more children”    


  1. Good one. Climax must have been very popular with the ladies. Lol

    1. Thank you Ian,
      I think even if they were to have a baby girl in the last set of twins, they would have thought of naming the girl as Climax as that name suits any gender.
      Anyway as the literary meaning of the word 'climax' can be interpreted as 'it is final' they would have thought both ways.

  2. This reminded me of two friends who were twins I used to know. Names ඒරංග and බීරංග did not really make me think twice about them. But later my father explained that twins' parents were going to name their baby (if a boy) as 'රංග'. They got twin boys. So their father came up with this solution to name them A-රංග and B-රංග.

  3. Thank you Thisara,
    Your story itself is a classic one for a Blog post. Why not try?
    This reminds me of something that happened to me regarding two of my pet dogs. Our dog who was called "Misha" died of old age. I contacted a friend of mine to get a puppy. The friend introduced me to a person who had puppies. When I went there, two pups of the litter were remaining, one male and the other female. When I asked for the male pup, the owner requested me to take both. My daughters too were puppy lovers and we agreed to take both home. At home when we discussed about naming them everybody wanted to name the male puppy as "Misha" in remembrance of the dead Misha. I suggested that we will name the male as "Misha 1' and the female as 'Misha 2' There was no agreement on this issue. The naming was forgotten! After a few weeks we had to take the pups to the Vet for worming. There when he asked the names I said both are "Mishas" and the male is "M.Misha" and the other is "F.Misha". The Vet was puzzled and asked me 'Why do you want initials for dogs, Isn't it confusing' I said it does't matter, 'M' is for male and 'F' is for female. The vet said "Oh.. ! Now I understand."

  4. Your skills certainly haven't suffered by lack of use.

    How about "Mary" and "Summary" ?

    1. Thank you Pra Jay,
      Hope to write once in a way in English too.

  5. //Six is enough.... No more children”// Thanks god.. I first read it as Sex is enough.. heh..heh..

  6. Thank you Kalyana.
    It is great!! You have thought of interpreting the last sentence in a different way. As you say if 'i' in that word has to be changed to 'e' the last word too has to be changed appropriately...... . I could have added another para to the episode as follows: " The parents had an argument and finally Julius said "No more .... No more .............. !!"