Wednesday 30 November 2016


I am new to Blogging. So far I have been reading others' Blogs. After several friends requested me to start my own Blog I just started it a few weeks ago. I thought of giving the Blog a ‘flavour’ from incidents and stories related to education, where I have been engaged life-long. This does not mean that I would not write on other subject areas.  By education I meant the whole process. Learning at home is the first and foremost. Then is schooling, which involves several levels, such as primary, secondary and tertiary. Graduate studies and post graduate studies may be the end of formal education. I was lucky to get employed in education after graduation. I started as a graduate science teacher, Passed all necessary promotions and rose to the top ranks in the field.  This compelled me to get involved in education even after retirement from ‘work’. It is a very long time span. Almost the entire life! The incidents and life stories if given in the chronological order will not add the so called ‘flavour’. Such a compilation will be something like a diary. Nobody would like to read a diary, So, I thought of relating these ‘Rasakatha’ (interesting stories) in a haphazard way taking incidents from here and there. Whenever I get an idea on something interesting apart from education I would like to post that too. Anybody reading my Blogs please bear with me for mixing up ideas!


  1. Welcome are most welcome...Looking forward to reading your no doubt at all very interesting writing...:)

    1. Thank you Ravi for encouragement. I am new to this mode of communication!

  2. දිගටම ලියන්න. මේ සටහන් අපට ඉතා වැදගත් වේවි.

    මගේ බාප්පාත් මීට වසර කිහිපයකට පෙර බ්ලොග් එකක් ඇරඹුවා. නමුත් එක ලිපියයි, තාම එතැනමයි. දැන් අඩ විශ්‍රාමිකව පසුවෙන (උපන්නේ 1945 නමුත් තාම කන්සල්ටින් කරනවා) ඔහු සතු අත්දැකීම් රාශියක් තියෙනවා බව මා දන්නවා. සමහර විට පූර්ණකාලීනව නිවසට වුනාම ලියාවි!